It’s time to talk turkey. When you make your gobble-gobble plans this year, let your kids in on the grocery shopping fun. Markets from coast to coast offer all the fixings for a great feast or entire meals to go, and also throw in perks for families on the side. Here’s where to head, from Los Angeles to New York City.

Los Angeles

If you’re feasting in LA, you can be extra grateful to have restaurants and markets that can pull together your entire dinner. No cooking, just eating! Click here for the full list of sources in and around L.A.


Southern California

From quality meat shops to budget co-ops, here are our favorite San Diego spots for on-the-go meals that make the holidays even happier. Read all about them by clicking here.

Thanksgiving Morguefile

San Francisco

Make this year’s celebration one that’s sustainable and calm. We’ve got a handful of local chef tips, as well as local gourmet stores and markets to score your Thanksgiving meal. To plan your greatest T-giving feast ever, click here.



Want to host but don’t have time to cook? Let the pros prepare it for you. Here are our Portland picks for to-go options that take the hassle out of a Thanksgiving meal. Click here to find out more.

irving street kitchen tday


Area bakeshops, butchers and cheesemongers catapult your Turkey Day menu beyond canned cranberry sauce and gloppy green bean casserole. Click here to find out where to go first.



From a West Loop butcher to a North Shore prepared foodstuffs oasis, here’s where to scoop up everything for your Thanksgiving table. You’ll even discover where you can get groceries and see a kindie pop concert. Click here for the story.



Grab-and-go Thanksgiving feasts are your recipe for success in Atlanta. We have the word on the best markets to hit, as well as the restaurants offering special menus for the holiday. Click here to find out where to dig in.


Washington D.C.

To save your sanity and give you more time to hang with the kids this Thanksgiving, we’ve collected the tastiest places in and around our nation’s capital to buy your bird (and sides and pies). Get the appetizing report by clicking here.

Hill Country

New York City

The city that never sleeps sure doesn’t snooze during turkey time. Run to markets that are surefire hits or outsource Thanksgiving and have it delivered to your door. Click here for the rundown on great BBQ, healthy markets and one-of-a-kind farm stands.


Do you have any local markets to add to our list? Let us know in the Comments section below. And Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!