Anyone who has ever hosted a Thanksgiving dinner knows all too well the challenges of making food for multiple guests with only one oven, taking into account food allergies, and pleasing those picky eaters that always love to voice their dissatisfaction. While we can’t tone down your MIL’s commentary, we can help you out by mapping out some great side dishes, desserts, and stuffing recipes, many of which you’ve likely never tried before. All are crowd pleasers, even for the littlest of tummies at your Thanksgiving table.

When we’re not digging up the coolest things to do with your kids, the Red Tricycle team is all about planning awesome meals with our own family. In fact, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and we’ve polled our entire team to present you with a huge list of our go-to dishes. From baked peaches to creamed corn and everything in-between, you’ll definitely want to check out our choice Thanksgiving recipes from our writers, editors, sales team, and even our CEO!

It’s no surprise that the turkey always takes center stage, but that’s not to say that your side dishes can’t be just as impressive. We’ve come up with sensational side dishes from sweet corn bread to rosemary roasted potatoes that will get gobbled up, even by the pickiest of eaters — your kids.

Ok, ok, we know — Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without pumpkin pie. While we’re not suggesting you ditch the pumpkin and apple pies this year, we think you should dress up the dessert table this year with something your guests won’t expect. From caramel apple crisp cake to spice cookies and pie pudding, we’ve got great ideas to mix up your Thanksgiving desserts.

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in Boston, Chicago or San Francisco chances are you’ll be noshing on stuffing. Each family has their own variation from vegetarian to rich and creamy. This year ditch the traditional and really wow your guests with these stuffing recipe ideas. Even your kids will gobble up the goodness.

Do you have any go-to dishes to add to our list? Let us know in the comment section below. Happy Thanksgiving!