photo: Cheetos via Instagram

Cheeto art might sound like something that happens when you leave a toddler alone with a bag of chips and a white couch, but it’s actually a very real thing and it could make you rich.

Cheetos probably aren’t your go-to kids snack, but there is an argument to be made for having it as a sometimes food. A very lucrative argument. Those neon-orange dusted puffs could be worth thousands. In a new marketing campaign, Cheetos has opened an online museum and it’s looking for submissions of unique Cheeto art. Like finding shapes in the clouds, discovering Cheeto art just takes a little imagination and a camera.

Share your discoveries with the Cheeto Museum and you can have a chance to win cash prizes starting at $500 and up to a $50,000 grand prize. Check out some of the creative finds on Instagram or the online museum.

Do your kids like to make art with their food? Tell us about their creative works in the comments below.