The Baby Alert

Our business is simple and carefully thought out. Our business is an attempt for at least one child’s life to be saved. 52 children died in a hot car in the year 2019 and it is our dream that that number is reduced due to awareness. We want to bring awareness to every parent and caretaker that this tragedy can happen to anyone. It is not the negligent awful parent but the caring and loving ones that this can happen to.

We as humans have routines we follow and we go into autopilot mode. Our brain carries out the day’s actions just as it is used to. But when a routine is broken, the brain can revert to what it knew or even create false memories.

We have a wristband with a baby on it and it says, “alert.” Immediately once you get the wristband, put it in the car. When you need to go somewhere with baby, slap the wristband on the wrist. Then at your destination take the baby out and put wristband in car seat. If the wristband ever makes it out of the car then it will create a reminder to you/others!

-from Jan Prieb, The Baby Alert
Online: https://www.thebabyalert.com/