Photo: MFer Photography via Flickr

The Social Security Administration just released the list of top baby names for 2015. Very little has changed the top 10 list since 2014. The top boy name is Noah, while the top girl name is Emma. However falling off the list includes Daniel and Madison, which were replaced by Benjamin and Harper.

So, which ones are climbing the ladder to the top? From 2015s top 25 names:

  • Female: Ava, Charlotte, Abigail, Amelia, Evelyn, Avery, Chloe, Grace, Scarlett, Addison and Lily 
  • Male:  James, Michael, Benjamin, Aiden, Matthew, Lucas, Oliver, Jayden, and Gabriel

Which names have the biggest jump in ranking?

  • Female: Ariyah (up 329 spots)
  • Male: Kaison (up 251 spots)

Other names that made a big jump are Omari, Zayn, Titan, Atlas, Legend, Ford, Felicity, Gwen, Thea, Milani, Zahra, and Jessa.

The names declining from the list quickly include Isis (for obvious reasons)Johnathon, Caitlyn, Miley, Tomas, Harry, Khaleesi, Britany, Anya, Collin, Elsa, and Nikki.


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