This started with a fellow blogger who posted gift ideas on her blog… for him. One of the gifts was cufflinks (cool, but not so much for my hubbs, would never wear them), the other, bacon from this specialty bacon dealer (yes, who doesn’t love bacon), and the third idea was salsa dancing lessons (great for me, husband would much rather poke his eye with a toothpick!)

I laughed at the non-interest my hubbs would have w/ these gifts and commented to her that what he’d probably rather have is me, dressed in my new underwear (from the list of what to buy her), dancing the salsa, draped in slabs of bacon! We laughed, it’s a pretty funny idea…

Then, I laughed about it to myself over and again… I’m so funny! Lots of laughing! Then I thought, is this really a good gift idea?!  I’m totally going for this!  It really would be hilarious!  So, I proceeded to cook myself some bacon… and made myself a bacon necklace!   Everything is better with bacon right?  Even your scantily dressed, salsa dancing wife… I decided this was going to be my surprise for my husband.

Here is my bacon necklace!  A little greasy, yes, this is why you wouldn’t wear it with your cute shirt from GAP… I chuckled to myself all day!  Easily ammused I know!  Who makes a bacon necklace?

**** As a side note, these things could totally sell… can you imagine being at lunch and being like… I could use some crumbled bacon on this salad right now… hmmm, good thing I’ve got this bacon necklace… I’ll just use some of that….*****

In My Head

This is how I imagined this going in my head… since I live in a romatic comedy… don’t you?  I’d come home from teaching dance, the kids would be in bed already… in the movies they are… Of course I’d go upstairs, to tuck the kids in, then I’d change… I’d grab my bacon necklace out of it’s hiding place in the fridge, on my way up. Hubbs would of course be in front of the TV, just waiting for me to come home!  Again, in the movies the husband is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his lovely wife. I’d put my bathrobe on over my secret. I’d come down and tell Matt my funny story from today and the idea of my great gift.   Then the big reveal. This goes jointly with the card I got him that has a flashing cat (censored of course) and it says ‘this is how much I love you’…. We’d both laugh… so great!  Everything is better with bacon… salsa dancing would ensue… and so on…  Fade to black….

The Ugly Truth…. I came home from teaching dance… all excited… The kids were all still awake and running around.  Of course they were! I’d forgotten we did no V-day together as a family… We read our love notes to each other.  The kids opened the little gifts I got for them.  Matt and I already did our cards to each other… he also got me my gift the night prior… since it’s a busy day he wanted to make sure I knew he hadn’t forgotten… so nice! We all trudged upstairs well after 9pm, got the kids ready for bed, prayer, tucked in… I checked email while Matt finished tucking kids in…

He came down, said he was super tired and ready to hit the hay… he’d gotten up super early to get into work. He asked if that was ok. I told him I sort of had something… I put my bacon necklace on over my dance leotard… I told him all about it… We laughed, belly laugh laugh… that really was funny! He told me it sort of reminded him of the skin suits from ‘Silence of the Lambs’… ew, hadn’t thought of that…

He went to bed and I watched “Grey’s Anatomy!” Just like the movies right?

That is 15.5 years right there folks, in all of it’s glory! I went ahead and put my bacon necklace back in the fridge and had a great BLT Friday!

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