Your mini-Monet’s list is short and simple this year. It just reads, “art stuff!” We can help you expand on those creative cravings with the newest and hottest supplies, kits and even a subscription box for aspiring artists. Flip through to find one that suits your sidekick’s fancy!

Chalkboard Nesting Dolls

These new nesting dolls from the Land of Nod have a personality all their own. And your aspiring artist will love figuring out just what that personality should be on any given day. Today they might be a little bit country, and tomorrow a little rock ‘n’ roll. All your sidekick needs to do to change the scene is wipe each one down and start again with the colorful chalk pieces that are included. They’re definitely the dolls you’ve been looking for!

Ages: 6 & up

Available at, $12.95.

All photos courtesy of retailors.

At the time of publication, all items were available for purchase.

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—Allison Sutcliffe