No matter how shiny the gift inside, time and time again kids want to play with the box. We’ve found 19 epic transformations of an ordinary cardboard that will make you forget it was once a humble box. From mini-golf to airplanes to castles, flip through our slideshow to get inspired.

Make Your Own Maze

Work on a range of skills with your kiddo (shape identification, predictions and gross motor) during an empty afternoon with a quick and easy ball maze like this one from A Happy Wanderer. This project takes about two items and maybe 20 minutes to complete. Find out how to get it done over at A Happy Wanderer.

photo: Heather Palatucci via A Happy Wanderer


What’s the best thing you’ve ever made out of cardboard? Share with us in a Comment! 

— Christal Yuen & Gabby Cullen


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