There’s something about a casserole that summons up the cozy comforts of home. Baked mostly unattended, they go straight from oven to table, making them hassle-free to cook, easy to serve and a cinch to clean up. Perfect for pot-lucks, picnics or everyday dinners, click through for 10 creative casseroles that’ll give your meal planning a boost.

Overnight French Toast 

Who said casseroles have to be savory? This french toast bake from Erin Clarke at Well Plated is fluffy inside, crunchy on top, and bursting with blueberries—the perfect feast to kick off the weekend in style. Prep the night before, leave in the refrigerator overnight and there's just an hour of unattended cooking time in the morning. Head to Well Plated for the recipe and how-to video.

photo: Well Plated


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— Emily Myers