Since your little she-warrior’s birthday is coming up, it’s time to start planning her party. It will certainly be super epic, but it won’t be as nearly as interesting without an awesome present. But what do you get your daughter when she has almost everything that she needs? Here are some ideas for girls of all ages from ages 5-to-15.

5th Birthday: Finger paint. This is a gift perfect for kids of all ages (adults can join too) and can be used to create a number of colorful and creative art. However, since these paints are made with natural ingredients, they can be smeared all over the body and give you peace of mind that your little one is playing safely while exploring her talents.

6th Birthday: Karaoke machine. This is the time when kids start to really develop a passion for music so if you know your girl loves to jam to her fave tunes, make sure to provide her with a good karaoke machine. Every machine comes with a microphone and a bunch of new songs. And it’s such a perfect birthday gift because she can try it out with her friends right there at the party.

7th Birthday: Some sparkly jewelry. Now that you know your daughter isn’t putting everything shiny in her mouth anymore, you can start thinking about jewelry. This is also a time when little girls start getting into beauty and fashion, so why not give her a nice little piece of sparkle? If you’re not a jewelry expert, check out websites like Jewelry Jealousy where you can find all sorts of buying guides and ideas that will be super useful. This website is great for everyone, but especially dads who have no idea where to start with buying jewelry for their little girls! 

8th Birthday: A garden kit. A garden kit will give your daughter a green thumb for sure. She can grow and nurture her own plants and learn all about botany and nature. Soon, she’ll have her own kingdom to play with!

9th Birthday: Room décor. Most girls want their personal space to be perfect. So, if your kid loves to decorate her space with personal things, help her out by grabbing some modern, artistic and empowering décor. A framed quote is a super popular décor piece and can really inspire her every day.

10th Birthday: Legos. Legos are internationally loved by both girls and boys, so getting your daughter a set is a great idea. While there are classic sets that can provide hours of creative play, there are also specialized sets like Wonder Woman, Women of NASA and Mindstorms Robot kits that can inspire your little girl to do amazing things!

11th Birthday: A safe diary. Do you want to provide your little girl with a safe space to express her feelings? Get her a diary with a lock! This will keep all her secrets safe even from her prying siblings and its beautiful cover will encourage her to take her diary with her everywhere she goes!

12th Birthday: Books. Is your daughter growing up to be a little book worm? Excellent—enrich her library with a new set of books! Make sure to send the right message though, and buy something that will inspire and empower your child. Luckily, that kind of literature is getting more and more present, so today you can find all sorts of amazing books for girls that will instill ideas about healthy friendships, relationships, and lifestyles. There’s so much a girl can learn from the right book!

13th Birthday: A musical instrument. It’s very healthy for kids to play an instrument—it’s good for the soul and for the brain. So, if you want to start with something small, opt for a colorful little ukulele that she can experiment with.

14th Birthday: A Polaroid camera. Taking photos on an iPhone is fun, but there’s something super special about Polaroids. Give your daughter that snap-and-shake experience by grabbing a camera she can use not only to document her birthday but the rest of her life!

15th Birthday: Organic makeup. As your little girl gets older, there’s a possibility she will get into makeup and beauty and that’s completely normal at that age. Luckily, you can provide her with a safe experience by picking organic makeup sets that are perfect for gentle skin and contain all sorts of non-toxic colors and glittery things many girls love!

Even if you don’t find your perfect gift on this list, you’ll certainly find some inspiration for your little girl’s birthday and get her something she’ll truly enjoy!