Your tiny traveler has gone by boat, by plane and even by train. But by gondola? That’s an original that will earn her serious playground cred. After all, it’s not every day she gets to ride over rivers and rugged mountainscapes to find high altitude adventures like roller coasters, suspended slack lines and geyser-fueled splash pads. We found 12 awesome rides, so flip through to find your fave!

Sandia Peak Ski & Tramway, Santa Fe, Nm

Last year, this southwest fave celebrated its 50th year of operation. In that time over 11 million riders have listened to the fascinating stories and intriguing tidbits the gondola operators have shared over the years. Each operator has his or her own take on narrating the ride, but one thing’s for sure—your Littles will love hearing them talk about the interesting rock formations, like the golf tee and the totem pole that take shape before your very eyes. Taking the 2.7-mile long gondola ride is the only way to get a glimpse of the rugged, wild face of the Sandias Mountains, a Mother Nature exclusive. Finish off your day with a sip and a bite at Sandiago's Grill and you can say you’ve done it all this area attraction.


photo: Jay Blackwood

Which one looks like fun to you? Have you ridden one of our picks? Tell others about it in a comment. 

— Allison Sutcliffe