In honor of Independence Day, we’ve taken a page from your kid’s classroom and rounded up the best spots in America for learning about the land of the free and the brave. From remembering the Alamo to California’s gold rush, here are nine places that will help you and your crew make a little history of your own.

Buffalo Bill’s Center of the West – Cody, Wy

Pay homage to an original American icon and purveyor of all things “Wild West” when you visit Buffalo Bill’s Center of the West. The original Buffalo Bill museum opened in 1927 and was modeled after Bill Cody’s log cabin located just southwest of town; now there are six museums on the property and one of the coolest events is the spectacular Plains Indian Museum Powpow every year in June.

Good to know: The center is near Yellowstone National Park. Stop by the Draper Natural History Museum before heading into the park.


photo: courtesy Buffalo Bill’s Center of the West

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—Gabby Cullen