In honor of Independence Day, we’ve taken a page from your kid’s classroom and rounded up the best spots in America for learning about the land of the free and the brave. From remembering the Alamo to California’s gold rush, here are nine places that will help you and your crew make a little history of your own.

The Freedom Trail – Boston, Ma

The British are coming! Follow in the footsteps of Paul Revere as he raced against time and a seriously massive army of Redcoats. The 2.5 mile trail is a red-lined path that takes visitors to 16 historical spots, including Paul Revere’s house, the Old North Church, the burial grounds of Samuel Adams, and much more. You can wander alone or sign up for a guided tour, which is conducted by the Freedom Trail Players.

Good to know: There’s an app you can buy on iTunes, the proceeds help maintain the trail.


photo: The-Sillies via flickr

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—Gabby Cullen