Meri Cherry

Meri Cherry is the author of the Process Art Handbook, Play Make Create, as well as the founder of Meri Cherry Art Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

At Meri Cherry Art Studio, in Los Angeles California, we specialize in Process Art for kids ages 3-7 ish. Process Art is art that’s all about the making and the doing rather than the finished product. We believe that art for young kids can be thoughtful and meaningful, to help foster creativity, empathy and self confidence. Plus it’s a ton of fun. And let’s face it, as moms, we all want that masterpiece to hang on the fridge.

Walking through the aisles of your local art supply store can be overwhelming, and finding the best holiday gifts for little artists online can be even harder. Now more than ever art making can be just the experience we need to feel some normalcy during this crazy time and to connect with the ones we love.

I’ve put together some of our very favorite holiday gifts for little artists, from big purchases that last for hours on end, to little stocking stuffers that will definitely bring some art filled joy to your home or to the home of a friend. All of these make great gifts for all the little artists in your life.

Let’s make this holiday season super special this year by giving the gift of art to the little makers in your life. They will love these gifts that keep on giving.


We love introducing young children to watercolors. The colors are beautiful and the mess is minimal. We also know the value of quality paper. It's a game changer for art making. Investing in quality supplies is always a good idea.

Watercolor Set

A Young Artist Must Have



Who doesn't love stickers and these are so cool. We've been Pipsticks Sticker Club members for years and incorporate them into so many of our collages and other works of art. Bonus, sticker peeling is great for developing fine motor skills.

Pipsticks Sticker Club

Hooray for Cool Stickers!



Play Make Create is a gift for kids and parents. It's filled with tons of Process Art Invitations to Create and bigger projects. It also makes a great teacher gift!

Play Make Create

Tons of Ideas at Your Fingertips



Kids LOVE Sculpey. It's a polymer clay that you bake to harden. We've taught countless classes using Sculpey and they are always a homerun. This is a great great stocking stuffer. This one is best for kids 5 and up.

Sculpey Clay

The gift that keeps on giving



Did you have a dollhouse when you were younger? Kids go crazy over Dollhouse Camp and this year we've packed our signature camp into a box with videos to accompany every step of furnishing your house, from wallpaper to furniture. Finally kids all over the US can take part in this magical experience.

Dollhouse Camp in a Box

Dollhouse Camp for the Win!



These building blocks are fantastic. When my daughters were young we invested in these blocks and they lasted for years on end. They are big, but light as a feather and great for building. Can't recommend them enough for the builders in your life.

Edushape Soft Blocks

We LOVED these Blocks for years and years



This may sound crazy, but when my daughters were younger we let them use face paint in front of a mirror all the time. They loved it and would spend hours decorating their faces over and over again. This is a super fun activity in the bath too. The face paint comes off really easily with a wet washcloth.

Face Paint Kit

Would you let your kids do their own face paint?



These baby dolls are great for water play, face painting, body painting, baby washing, and all kinds of fun. Put out some face paints and a baby doll and a wash bin and your young artist could be busy for the next hour.

Baby Dolls

If you don't want face paint on your kids...