Compared to your kid, Houdini was an amateur. If you avoid crowds and frequent fenced-in playgrounds for fear of losing your little one to the Big Wide World, we’ve got good news. From GPS-enabled smartwatches to innovative child leashes (no judgment here!), there’s a whole range of great gadgets and apps designed to stop little escape artists from disappearing—and how to find them if they do. Flip through the slideshow below to see our top picks.

Trax Play

If you don't want to give your child a cell phone but want to keep close tabs, the matchbox-sized Trax Play is a good option. The Swedish-made device clips onto a child's clothing and tracks your child in real-time. Just open the Trax app and see the exact whereabouts of your child on a satellite map. The app also lets you set up geofences to notify you when your child leaves (and arrives at) a designated safe area like school or home.

Lose sight of your little one? Don't panic! The Trax's "augmented reality" feature lets you use your cell phone's camera to pan around you; when you are pointing in the right direction, an indicator will appear showing your child's location and distance. And, if you're worried about losing your child in a crowded place like a mall or amusement park, the "proximity fencing" feature lets you set up a digital fence that moves with you; if your child strays from your side—even for a moment—you'll get an immediate notification.

Psst: Want to know if your nanny or sitter is sticking to the speed limit when she drives your kids to and from school or after-school activities? Use the Trax's "speed alert" feature, which notifies you if your child is moving faster than they should be (It's designed so that parents can monitor their newly licensed-to-drive teens).

Best for ages: 2+

Cost: $99 (plus $4 a month for monthly service)


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—Melissa Heckscher

All photos courtesy retailers