Compared to your kid, Houdini was an amateur. If you avoid crowds and frequent fenced-in playgrounds for fear of losing your little one to the Big Wide World, we’ve got good news. From GPS-enabled smartwatches to innovative child leashes (no judgment here!), there’s a whole range of great gadgets and apps designed to stop little escape artists from disappearing—and how to find them if they do. Flip through the slideshow below to see our top picks.

The Tinitell

Like the idea of giving your kid a cell phone but worried about the apps, Internet access, and photo capabilities of a traditional phone or smartwatch? Go for the Tinitell, a wearable phone and GPS tracker that uses voice commands instead of screen prompts to help parents and kids stay connected. The wristband, which looks like a stylized Fitbit, was made to ensure that kids spend their time playing in the real world instead of finger-tapping tiny screens. To make a call, kids scroll through voice labels (recorded by parents and kids) and click on the contact they want to call. Kids can call and receive calls from up to 12 pre-set numbers, while the GPS tracking feature allows parents to locate their children anytime using the Tinitell smartphone app.

Best for ages: 4+

Cost: $149 (plus about $9 a month for Ting service).


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—Melissa Heckscher

All photos courtesy retailers