Compared to your kid, Houdini was an amateur. If you avoid crowds and frequent fenced-in playgrounds for fear of losing your little one to the Big Wide World, we’ve got good news. From GPS-enabled smartwatches to innovative child leashes (no judgment here!), there’s a whole range of great gadgets and apps designed to stop little escape artists from disappearing—and how to find them if they do. Flip through the slideshow below to see our top picks.

ID Ink

If your kid get lost in a crowd, who's he gonna call? Hopefully, you! These temporary tattoos work like doggie ID tags, giving your little person (or whoever finds him) all the information he'll need to get in touch. Developed by a mom who used to write her phone number on her kids' arms at amusement parks (she got tired of having to rewrite the number every time the kids washed their hands or worked up a sweat), SafetyTats are sweat and waterproof and last one to five days; there are also stick-on versions that last up to two weeks.

Insider Tip: If your youngster is resisting the "ink", let him pick the design. With hundreds of combinations, he'll be sure to find one that works.

Best for ages: 1+

Cost: $10.99 and up.


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—Melissa Heckscher

All photos courtesy retailers