There’s no way around the fact that your kids are probably going to be spending more time in front of screens for the next few weeks or months. The good news is, there are plenty of ways for them to learn and have fun without tech, too. When it comes to fulfilling those daily reading minutes, why not mix it up with a few magazines for kids? Filled with everything from picture hunts to kid-friendly journalism, we’re happy to report that there’s a publication for nearly every age and stage. See our top picks for magazines for kids below.

For All Ages


If you are a foodie family, ChopChop should definitely be arriving in your mailbox. Aimed at kids ages 2-12, each issue is filled with recipes that range from healthy snacks to meals like soups, how-to tutorials (think how to cook and drain pasta), educational features, puzzles and even games. 

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You know the magazine you used to read at the doctor’s office or that your grandma subscribed to in your honor, year after year. There’s a reason why Highlights is one of the best magazine subscriptions and has been for over 50 years. Filled with fun articles, games and crafts, you can choose from Hello (up to age 1), High Five (2-6), Highlights (6-12) and High Five Bilingüe Magazine and Highlights bilingual magazine for ages 2-6.

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Ranger Rick

Another classic publication for kids, Ranger Rick offers three versions: Ranger Rick cub (0-4), Ranger Rick JR. (4-7) and Ranger Rick (7-12). Focusing on nature and the outdoors, it’s the perfect way to explore the outdoors if you can’t actually get out to the park these days.

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Nat Geo Kids 

It’s everything you love about National Geographic, curated for your kiddo. Choose from the Little Kid version (3-6) or the Kid version (6 & up). Filled with incredible photography, information about animals and the world we live in, it’s the perfect way to travel without leaving the house.

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For Elementary-Aged Kids


A news magazine just for kids, each issue of XYZA comes filled with color images, word searches, trivia, news from all around the world and plenty of interesting facts. The publication aims to relate to an entire family with stories written specifically for kids that spark conversation and promote critical thinking. Even cooler, if your kids read XYZA and want to share their own news, they can sign up to be a Junior Reporter!

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Kazoo Magazine

Independently published Kazoo Magazine is for girls ages 5-12. It celebrates what makes them special: strength, smarts, confidence and being true to themselves. It’s a quarterly publication filled with stories about art, nature, citizenship, critical thinking and more. There’s also plenty of fun stuff like mazes, secret codes and plenty of dot-to-dots for the youngest subscribers. In light of the current stay-at-home situation, Kazoo is offering a free first edition if you subscribe.

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For Older Kids


From Cricket Media, this award-winning publication is geared toward curious kids ages 9-14. Focusing on science, technology and the arts, Muse is filled with engaging articles on things like the Mariana Trench, current events, Q&As from kids, puzzles using shapes and much more. Plus, each issue is completely free of advertisements! 

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The Week Junior

Curated especially for 8-14-year-old curious kids, the goal behind this weekly publication is to help kids make sense of the world, provide them with tools to help them think for themselves, and to instill a love of reading. Content includes global news, science, sports, books, entertainment and more. Subscribe now, and get six weeks for free!

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Bright Lite Mag

A unique take on magazines for adolescent girls, Bright Lite is an independent bi-annual publication that comes filled with interesting content ranging from photos, letters, journal entries, drawings and more. Hoping to create a safe space that empowers girls, the coolest part is that it’s user-generated, meaning girls make up the editorial board and submit their content for inclusion. 

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Sports Illustrated for Kids 

If you’ve got a sports-obsessed kid at home, Sports Illustrated Kids is the perfect fit. Each issue is filled with photography, educational sports news, and of course, there's the annual SportsKid issue. There are also tips and information from top trainers, athletes and coaches. 

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—Gabby Cullen



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