Your bitty’s bookshelf isn’t just a place to put her books. It’s her go-to spot when it comes to learning about the world around her. Support her quest for cultural knowledge, and add a few fantastic books about Native Americans to your little papoose’s literary repertoire. From engaging non-fiction to exciting new reads, flip through the album below to discover our favorites.

Little Whale: A Story of the Last Tlingit War Canoe

Ages 7 & up

Part of what makes this chapter book such an exciting one isn’t the fact that it’s about a young Tlingit boy who stows away in his father’s canoe. It’s the fact that it’s mostly true. Based on a tale passed down from his grandfather, author Roy Peratrovich, Jr. skillfully weaves his family’s history into the story of 10-year-old Keet, and his wild adventures on the stormy sea and beyond.

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— Allison Sutcliffe