For anyone who doesn’t live in Westeros, winter is still coming … which means busy weekends, holiday travel, and lots of indoor days. Prep for the upcoming moments (hours, days) when you’ll need to keep little hands and eyes busy with a few new activity books. From fun puzzles and games to a journal for beginning artists, keep reading to discover our new favorites. 

Calling All Ocean Explorers

Filled with over 20 ocean-themed puzzles, mazes, word searches and more, one of the coolest things about the Flip ‘N Check is how your kid can easily check her answers or watch her Mad Libs fall into place by simply “flipping” the page. Plus, the bound spiral notebooks and dry-erase capabilities make this one great for travel!

Ages: 7 & up.

Available at, $17.95.<a

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— Gabby Cullen

All images are courtesy of the publishers.