Legit online jobs are everything—especially if you’re suddenly homeschooling your kiddos or don’t have out-of-the-home child care. Online part-time jobs offer the best of both worlds! You can join the workforce, earn a paycheck, but you won’t need to battle traffic, rush home to take the kids to gymnastics or even leave the house. If you’re ready to become a WAHM, check out these online options.

IT Professional

Do you have a technical degree? Companies such as Steampunk, TEKsystems and Crowd Strike are hiring IT pros right now, according to FlexJobs.

Where to find the job: Check out FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter or search Indeed.com for “remote” options.

What it pays: The pay for an online IT professional varies dramatically, depending on your experience level, the company and what your job title is. Remote software engineer jobs on ZipRecruiter currently pay over $75,000 annually.

Healthcare Professional

Healthcare jobs aren’t always in-person positions. Put that RN, medical billing degree or any other specialized certification you hold to use in a remote or telemedicine environment. FlexJobs has postings for jobs such as a remote medical assistant at Humana, Associate Director of Health Information Technology at Novartis and a work-from-home speech language pathologist position at Soliant Health.

Where to find the job: Visit the websites of healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics and other similar institutions. Along with these options, check out health insurance providers and companies that handle medical records.

What it pays: The pay depends on your job, credentials and experience. A licensed healthcare professional is likely to make more in a telemedicine job than a remote medical records clerk, but this shouldn’t stop you from exploring online health-related jobs. According to PayScale, the average online medical biller pay is more than $16 per hour.

Customer Service Rep

According to FlexJobs, customer service is a top-10 remote job winner in the United States. What do you need to work in customer service? Like the name implies, you’ll need to serve customers—remotely, of course. If you’re a creative communicator who likes to solve problems, this is an option to explore. Amazon online jobs and positions working for companies such as the renewable energy provider Momentum Solar are top picks for the work from home customer service agents.

Where to find the job: Visit Flexjobs here.

What it pays: The average base pay for an online customer service agent is $27,834 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Internet and eCommerce

Social media isn’t for everyone. If you’re all about the Internet, but more technically, an eCommerce job is an online option to seriously consider.  From product management to analyst and web developer jobs, this field has plenty to offer the WAHM.

Where to find the job: Flexjobs has plenty of eCommerce options, including jobs working for companies such as Amazon and Motorola Solutions.

What it pays: While the pay varies by job title, PayScale puts the average eCommerce salary at $71,000 per year.

Online Expert

Are you an ultimate expert? If you've got an academic background or specialized expertise that makes you the go-to person for advice on a particular topic, now's the time to cash in! At Justanswer.com, you'll get paid for your advice—at least, for good advice. There are more than 175 categories where you could lend your expertise, including health, cars, home improvement, law, tech, health, homework and “general.” Anyone can apply to be an expert—it’s up to the person who asks the question to decide whose answer gets the dough.

Where to find the job: justanswer.com

What it pays: According to the JustAnswer pay calculator, you can make anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour (but that’s, of course, only if you’re giving the “best” answers … and lots of them.

Virtual Tutor

Is calculus your jam? Do you love a good Shakespeare play? Use your academic prowess to remotely help kids who need a little extra help after school. Tutoring subjects generally include high school basics like algebra, chemistry, physics and geometry—but you can respond to whichever expertise you know best. All you need is a hefty knowledge of your chosen subject, a high-speed internet connection (with a webcam) and a few hours (Tutor.com’s job site says you can work as little as five hours to as many as 29 hours per week).

Where to find the job: tutor.com/apply; Outschool.com

What it pays: For Tutor.com - $12 to $35 an hour; at Outschool, you get 70% of the total class enrollment fees (so if 10 kids sign up for a $100 class, you get $700). 

Social Media Manager

Are you all about IG? Whether you’ve built a fab following on Instagram, Facebook like a pro or just love a good tweet, now's the time to put your online social skills to good use. Social media managers are needed for anyone who has a website. In this role, you'll help companies get their brand out there by constantly updating their social media feeds and figuring out novel ways to get people to click and follow.

Where to find the job: Social media managers are in high demand, so you can find listings on just about any place there are job postings. Just type in "Social Media Manager" or "Social Media Writer" into your job search field, and see what's available.  

What it pays: Varies, but somewhere between $34,432 to $56,571, according to this informative Business Insider article that lays out the minute-by-minute schedule of a social media manager. 

Online K-12 Teacher

Put your teaching degree to work at an online elementary or high school. Instead of standing in front of a white board and looking for raised hands, you'll sit behind a computer and use e e-mail, chat and video conferencing to teach traditional public school subjects. One caveat, most of these jobs require a current, valid state teaching license. According to FlexJobs, K12 is one of the current top remote companies hiring workers.

Note: These are full-time teaching jobs, which means you’ll still need to find someone to take care of your kids while you’re at "work."

Where to find the job: There are several online schools always looking for good teachers. Try K-12 or Connections Academy (both are online K-12 schools).

What it pays: At least $37,000 per year, according to glassdoor.com

Online College Teacher

If you've got an advanced degree or serious pre-baby work experience to share with the next generation, you can be a college professor without having to actually set foot on a college campus! Online colleges including DeVry, University of Phoenix, and Grand Canyon University are among those currently seeking faculty.

Where to find the job: Online job boards like Indeed.com or the teaching-specific job site higheredjobs.com frequently have remote teaching listings or try the colleges directly: DevryGrand Canyon UniversityUniversity of Phoenix

What it pays: About $50,000 per year, according to Glassdoor. 

Virtual Executive Assistant

Are your play dates and PTA meetings lined up neatly on your iCalendar? If organizing is your forté, an executive assistant job is a natural niche. Help organize meetings, manage projects, update websites and manage schedules for busy executives—all from the comfort of your computer. These jobs are listed on job sites like Indeed and Ziprecruiter under the title "Remote Executive Assistant" or "Work from Home Administrative Assistant." 

Where to find the job:  IndeedZiprecruiterMonster (or the job site of your choice)

What it pays: Varies, but ranges from $12-20 per hour. 


Can you type as fast as you can talk? Use your speedy skills to transcribe audio clips for companies such as Transcribe Me or Speakwrite.com. It’s tedious work, but if you only have a few hours to spare, this type of job may let you set your own schedule.

Where to find the job: speakwrite.com or transcribeme.com

What it pays: $12-20 per hour, according to Glassdoor.

Freelance Writer

Are you a wordsmith? There are a slew of opportunities online for skilled writers. Granted, you probably won't make the kind of cash you need to pay off your mortgage immediately, but collect enough small gigs and you can cobble together enough jobs to keep your bank balance afloat. Don't know where to start? First, try the blogs and sites you frequent. Look for a  "contribute to" section somewhere on the website. To conduct a broader search, look at big job sites like Indeed, and filter your "writer" search for "remote” or check with media-specific sites such as MediabistroProBlogger, and Freelancewritinggigs.com.


Pssst: Red Tricycle is often on the lookout for good freelance writers or editors. Check our Job Openings page for details. 

Where to find the job: MediabistroProBlogger, Freelancewritinggigs.com.

What it pays: Varies, but pay averages anywhere from a few cents a word to $75 an article. 

—Melissa Heckscher & Erica Loop



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