The working world is exploding with remote jobs right now! After seeing the benefits and increased productivity that came with giving employees the option to work from home, many companies are making it the standard. And parents everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief as opportunities to balance their busy family lives increase. So, whether you’re a SAHM in need of a side gig or online part-time job or you’re simply ready to ditch the commute and trade in your heels for yoga pants, this list of legit online jobs is the perfect place to start your search!


Do you have native proficiency in a second language? Companies all around the world need help translating content and even conversations everyday! While many jobs will require daytime availability and a quiet space, many can be done from anywhere and at your pace as long as you meet their deadlines. We say yes to working in pajamas!

Where to find the job: Head to LinkedIn and don't forget to hit the "Remote" filter.

What it pays?: According to ZipRecruiter, the national average is around $60,000 per year. 

IT Professional

From helpdesk support to IT manager positions, information technology professionals are in high demand in every industry. A computer science degree is definitely a plus, but hands on experience and a deep understanding of computer hardware and software is often enough to get you noticed.

Where to find the job: A quick Google search for "remote IT jobs" will give you an aggregated list of the most recent jobs available.

What it pays: The pay for an online IT professional varies dramatically, depending on your experience level, the company and what your job title is. IT managers pull in an average annual salary of just around $90,000, according to PayScale.

Healthcare Professional

Healthcare jobs aren’t always in-person positions. Put that RN, medical billing degree or any other specialized certification you hold to use in a remote or telemedicine environment. Large healthcare organizations such as Anthem are almost always hiring and even have a career page dedicated to remote opportunities.

Where to find the job: Visit the websites of healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics and other similar institutions. Along with these options, check out health insurance providers and companies that handle medical records.

What it pays: The pay depends on your job, credentials, and experience. A licensed healthcare professional is likely to make more in a telemedicine job than a remote medical records clerk, but this shouldn’t stop you from exploring online health-related jobs. According to PayScale, the average online medical biller pay is more than $16 per hour.

Customer Service Rep

According to FlexJobs, customer service is a top-10 remote job winner in the United States. If you’re a creative communicator who likes to solve problems, this is an option to explore. And sometimes the stars align like in this ONEHOPE Wine 100% remote customer service position that allows us to have our wine and drink it, too! Not into wine? ONEHOPE offers an amazing benefits package that might be just what you need.

Where to find the job: Visit FlexJobs for tons of customer service jobs.

What it pays: The average base pay for an online customer service agent is $33,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Online Expert

Are you an ultimate expert? If you've got an academic background or specialized expertise that makes you the go-to person for advice on a particular topic, now's the time to cash in! At, you'll get paid for your knowledge. There are more than 175 categories where you could lend your expertise, including health, cars, home improvement, law, tech, and health.

Where to find the job: Apply to become an expert at

What it pays: According to the JustAnswer, you can make anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour when your answers are top-rated by the community.

Virtual Tutor

Is calculus your jam? Do you love a good Shakespeare play? Use your academic prowess to remotely help kids who need a little extra help after school or to teach them a fun new skill. All you need is an awesome skillset in the area you want to teach and a high-speed internet connection (with a webcam).

Where to find the job:;

What it pays: For - $12 to $35 an hour; Outschool pays instructors 70% of the total class enrollment fees (so if 10 kids sign up for a $100 class, you get $700). 

Social Media Manager

Whether you’ve built a cult following on Instagram, love a good tweet, or can't stop making TikTok videos, now's the time to get paid for your social media skills! Brands need social media experts to help them create and implement strategies that will help them engage with their audience and convert those followers into paid customers.

Where to find the job: Social media managers are in high demand, so you these jobs can be found everywhere! Head to LinkedIn to get started.

What it pays: CyberCoders is currently offering $80-90,000 a year, plus benefits for a seasoned social media manager. That should give you a good idea of just how valuable these skills are!

Online K-12 Teacher

Put your teaching degree to work at an online elementary or high school. Instead of standing in front of a white board and looking for raised hands, you'll sit behind a computer and use e e-mail, chat and video conferencing to teach traditional public school subjects. One caveat, most of these jobs require a current, valid state teaching license. According to FlexJobs, K12 is one of the current top remote companies hiring workers.

Note: These are full-time teaching jobs, which means you’ll still need to find someone to take care of your kids while you’re at "work."

Where to find the job: There are several online schools always looking for good teachers. Try K-12 or Connections Academy 

What it pays: At least $47,000 per year, according to And don't forget those amazing summer and holiday breaks!

Online College Instructor

If you've got an advanced degree or serious pre-baby work experience to share with the next generation, you can be a college professor without even setting foot on campus! Universities nationwide have been offering online classes for their students for quite a while, and the demand for this teaching model has only increased since last year.

Where to find the job: Online job boards like or the teaching-specific job site Want to narrow your search? Try going directly to the institution career pages like Grand Canyon University and University of Phoenix

What it pays: About $50,000 per year, according to Glassdoor. 

Virtual Executive Assistant

Are your play dates and PTA meetings lined up neatly in your digital calendar? If organizing is your forté, an executive assistant job is a natural niche. Help organize meetings, manage projects, and manage schedules for busy executives—all from the comfort of your home.

Where to find the job:  IndeedZiprecruiterMonster are great resources when searching for Virtual EA opportunities.

What it pays: Yes, there are some lower paying jobs in this category, but many high-level executives are willing to pay top dollar for the best support, making hourly rates in the $40-$50 range pretty common.


Can you type as fast as you can talk? Use your speedy skills to transcribe audio clips for companies such as Transcribe Me or This is the perfect gig for someone who needs flexibility (so, all moms!).

Where to find the job: or

What it pays: $12-20 per hour, according to Glassdoor.

Freelance Writer

Are you a wordsmith? There are a slew of opportunities online for skilled writers! Don't know where to start? Try searching your favorite blogs for a "contribute to" section. Bloggers love the extra help and it's an amazing way to start building those bylines. You never know, you might end up with your own successful (money making) blog, too!

Pssst: Red Tricycle is often on the lookout for freelance writers. Check our Job Openings page for details. 

Where to find the job: MediabistroProBlogger, and Upwork.

What it pays: Average pay is anywhere from a few cents a word to $75 an article. 

—Melissa Heckscher & Erica Loop



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