Kids, outdoor lovers, and active families hate being cooped up in a house, waiting for better (weather) days to roll by. But that doesn’t have to be your only option! You can still take the family out for some fresh air and physical activity, no matter what time of year it is! Check out my list below as there’s always something fun and exciting to do outdoors!

Fall Activities

Hiking: Fall is the perfect time of year to go on a hike. The leaves are starting to change, so you’ll see beautiful scenery as you explore the trails. Even if you live in an area that’s relatively flat, you might be surprised by the hiking options available within a short drive. Hiking is a fun cardio workout, and it also helps you build strength in your legs. It can be a fun social activity, or it can also give you the chance to connect with nature and enjoy being on your own.

Rock Climbing: Rock climbing is an amazing full-body workout, and it always feels incredibly satisfying when you make your way to the summit. If you’ve never gone rock climbing before, head to your local gym to master the basics before trying any routes outdoors. If you do have the experience, autumn is the perfect time to venture to climb areas you may not have explored before. 

Geocaching: Geocaching is essentially a modern-day treasure hunt. Use an app to locate caches that other people have placed, and then when you find them, you can sign your name on the log and even leave small tokens. You can go geocaching in the city or out in nature, and it’s a great way to explore your local area. 

Wintertime Activities

Skiing: Skiing is a perfect way to make use of all the snow during this time of year. There are two types of skiing: downhill and cross-country. And while they both have a steep learning curve, they’re incredibly fun once you master the basics. In downhill skiing, you’ll take a lift to the top of a mountain and then ski down the trails. Cross-country skiing is more of a cardio workout and takes you through varied terrain. 

Snowshoeing: Snowshoeing is essentially hiking through the snow on trails that are similar to cross-country ski trails. Snowshoes are designed to re-distribute your weight so you don’t sink into the snow. This is one of the winter activities that are easiest to get started with, as it’s very intuitive and safe, and doesn’t require much practice. 

Ice Skating: Ice skating is a quintessential winter activity that’s worth enjoying at least once during the season. Rent skates and try your hand at circling the rink—it’s difficult, but it can be very rewarding as well. If you have some basic skating skills already, you can even try playing hockey with your friends. 

Springtime Activities

Biking: Spring is the perfect time to go out for a bike ride. You can opt to bike to work or on a local trail, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you might consider going mountain biking and get the adrenaline and blood pumping properly. Biking can be a fun social activity to do with the kids or just something to enjoy on your own. Curious about how to take your bike and equipment on the road? Take a look at—they have a bunch of great options to consider, especially if you’re unsure about transporting or storing multiple bikes for the family.

Camping: The late spring is also a perfect time to go camping. Pleasant temperatures mean you’ll be able to make the most of the experience, and you won’t have to worry about bugs the way you might later on in the summer. No matter where you live, camping is the perfect opportunity to really immerse yourself in nature. You’ll get to see the stars, relax in wildlife, and you can even make a bonfire. 

Fishing: The ideal time to start fishing. Your state’s department of parks and recreation will likely have a directory of places to go fishing in your area, as well as guidelines to follow while fishing. You can fish from a boat or from the river banks, depending on your area. Check to see what the ideal times for fishing are near you – in the spring, it’s usually most effective to go around dusk. 

Summertime Activities

Kayaking: With all the heat outside, summer is the perfect time to head out onto the water. Kayaking is a fun water sport that’s accessible for beginners, and it’s also a good workout. If you have a lake, bay, or river nearby, see if they offer kayak rentals. You can go kayaking on your own or with another person. You can also try canoeing, which is very similar. If you like the idea of getting out on the water, but want to try something a little easier, you can also go paddle boating. 

Swimming: Swimming is an excellent way to cool off on the hottest summer days. Whether you go to an ocean, lake, or pool, it’s something you can do virtually anywhere. Before you go swimming, make sure you know at least a few basic swimming techniques so you can stay safe in the water. Swimming is an excellent form of cardio exercise for those who struggle with injuries because there’s very little impact on your joints. 

There are so many great reasons to head outside and get active, no matter what season it is or where you live. Spending time outdoors is not only great for your physical and mental health, but participating in outdoor activities can also be a great way to make friends.