Forget “playing” dress-up. Your sidekick sports her creative get-up anywhere and everywhere. Because for her, pretend play isn’t reserved for playtime; it’s a way of life. Celebrate her super-sized imagination at museums and parks that take it to the next level. Flip through to find spots where your kiddo can dream of being president, take to the seas pirate style, go on safari and more!

Walk the Plank with Emerald City Pirates—Seattle, Wa

Avast ye, mateys! Set sail with your little swashbuckler aboard Queen Anne’s Revenge on Seattle’s shores to play pirate for a day. Pirate passengers get pirate names and garb before they take to the high seas in search of Bonnie Bones, a hornswoggling rogue who absconded earlier with the pirates’ treasure. As you search high and low for this scallywag, you’ll be trained to walk, talk and even limbo like a pirate while taking in the sights and sounds of Lake Union. Once Bonnie’s caught, mini pirates share in the recovered bounty before heading back to their landlubber life. Ahoy!


photo: Kristina Moy

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—Allison Sutcliffe & Melissa Heckscher