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Hitting the road with the kids can be an unforgettable experience, but to avoid ending up like the Griswolds, it’s a good idea to plan your trip well, starting with the route you’ll take. A recent study has compiled the best states in the nation for the great American road trip of your dreams.

Source: WalletHub

A new study by WalletHub ranked each state using 22 key metrics in three main categories: costs, safety and activities. The weighted rankings took into account everything from price of accommodations and number of attractions, to the quality of roads, including how scenic the drives are.

Theses are the top ten states overall for a road trip based on WalletHub’s findings:

1. Oregon

2. Utah

3. Washington

4. North Carolina

5. Louisiana

6. Texas

7. Nevada

8. Minnesota

9. California

10. Colorado

The study also broke down the top destinations for specific categories, like the lowest price of camping, which Nevada took first place in, and the most scenic byways, which was topped by California.

For the full list of WalletHub’s rankings, down to the worst states, click here.

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