photo: The Bucket List Family via Instagram

One of the hardest things about a trip to Disney theme parks is saying goodbye. Kids often lament that they wish they could stay forever, and now one family is finding out what it’s like to do something close to that. With one full month at Disney World, will they still be sad to go, or ready to move on?

The Bucket List Family, famous for leaving their lives behind and hitting the road to travel the world with two small children, took on a new adventure recently as they signed on to spend 30 days exploring different Disney World Resorts parks and hotels. The family has been documenting their fun along the way and so far it looks like it has been about as amazing as you might think.

This one-of-a-kind trip around Disney World, dubbed 30 Stays In 30 Days, sends the family to a different resort every day, like Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, and more. They are now halfway through their journey and loving every minute of it. You can follow along and learn more about what the resorts have to offer on their Instagram feed.

What’s the longest visit you’ve ever had at a Disney theme park? Tell us in the comments below.