We’ve all been there. It’s waaaay to early in the a.m. And the kids are up and ready to go. Hey, the early to rise kiddo isn’t the something that just us regular ol’ parents have to deal with. Celebs Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell may live the Hollywood life, but that doesn’t exempt them from having to handle the same kid-fueled situations that the rest of us do. And when it comes their kids’ morning wake-up routine, Shepard and Bell have a pretty adorable way of starting the morning right.

Apparently Shepard and Bell’s littles don’t sleep in. Like most kiddos, Lincoln and Delta wake-up somewhere around 7 a.m. For Shepard, who favored the up at night, sleep late during the day life in his pre-daddy days, this isn’t always easy. But that doesn’t stop him from making the most of the situation.

So what does Shepard do to make family mornings easier? He turns on the tunes and gets the gang going. Shepard and Bell reportedly start their a.m. ritual with a little yacht rock. That is, except for during the month of December. That they reserve for Christmas music.

When it comes to a song that energizes the kids on the way to pre-k, Shepard tells TODAY, “They love Katy Perry; they love Sia. Well, they love Hall and Oates, by the way, which is pretty elevated of them, I think.” He goes on to add, “They’ve got eclectic taste. What we won’t settle for is those songs made for children. We decided early on, we’re not going to torture ourselves like that.”

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