Psst.. parents! We’ve found the fountain of youth. And surprisingly, no water’s involved. All it takes is a few quick spins on one of the country’s most amazing carousels with your sidekick to feel like a kid again. Flip through to find one that appeals to your inner child.

Seaglass Carousel, New York, Ny
Dive into a different kind of merry-go-round experience at New York’s Seaglass carousel. Here riders saddle up pastel, iridescent fish that swim around and up and down on the track, inside a building that’s oddly reminiscent of a fishbowl. For $5 a ride, kiddos can choose their fave fish from the 30 available, and listen to cool retro tunes piped directly to each one, which makes you feel pretty special. No mermaid fins required, but a zest for finding underwater adventure is!

photo: Cary L. via Yelp

Which one do you want to ride with your kiddo? Have you ridden one already? Share your pick in a comment.

— Allison Sutcliffe

featured photo: AlexisLeon via pixabay