You don’t have to tiptoe through a quiet building filled with priceless stuff to expose your little ones to the fine arts. We found 17 places where the creative work of others does more than just inspire—they offer plenty of fresh air, too. From interactive to just plain huge, flip through our album for the coolest outdoor installations perfect for your petite Picasso. 

Lupe the Mammoth – San Jose, Ca

Affectionately named “Lupe,” this metal pipe rendering of a wooly mammoth was designed by LA artists Feyja Bardell and Brian Howe. It was installed on the Guadalupe Trail in 2015 and represents the spot where the bones of a 12,500-year-old mammoth were discovered 10 years earlier. While kids can’t touch or climb on the structure, it’s a perfect way to get them excited for a day of science and fun before heading to the nearby San Jose Children’s Museum, where a replica of the prehistoric animal can be found. Search for more cool outdoor art in the San Francisco Bay Area by clicking here.

photo: Brisan via Flickr

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— Gabby Cullen & Christal Yuen