You don’t have to tiptoe through a quiet building filled with priceless stuff to expose your little ones to the fine arts. We found 17 places where the creative work of others does more than just inspire—they offer plenty of fresh air, too. From interactive to just plain huge, flip through our album for the coolest outdoor installations perfect for your petite Picasso. 

Life Makes Music Street Mural – Washington D.C.

When Joel Bergner and Rashad Cuffee, supported by the Murals DC program, teamed up to teach local youngsters all about the art of spray paint, this vibrant, gorgeous wall mural was born. We can almost hear the colors singing. You can spot it at Riggs Rd. & South Dakota Avenue, NE, so stop by, take a peek and talk about how it was made with your little crew.

photo: Art Around via Flickr

What are the coolest art installations you’ve seen? Share them with us in the Comments below!

— Gabby Cullen & Christal Yuen