Kids cost a lot. Right? There are diapers, wipes, toys and…um, college. Oh, but that’s not all. Apparently, the cost of childbirth is a price tag that many parents just can’t handle. Yep, the cost of actually giving birth to a baby can set you back well before you ever have to pay for a preschool registration fee or video game system. At least, that’s the picture of childbirth that one Reddit user shared.

Photo: reddit/The Only Toast

Ah, the glorious moment when you finally meet your baby. This is something you’ve been dreaming about for nine months. That first snuggle, the crazy-amazingness of your baby’s teeny tiny fingers and the newness of this whole parenting thing is totally taking over every thought you have. That is until the hospital bill arrives. And suddenly the miracle that is birth becomes a string of expletives and a fountain of tears.

Reddit user The Only Toast put the almost unbelievable cost of childbirth on display when he posted an infographic that breaks down the price tag of his wife’s C-section. When the couple had their baby the total cost came to $41,158.50. Yep, you read the right. Of course, that also includes the surgical costs related to a C-section. But over $40,000?

And this certainly isn’t a lone case of a super-high hospital charge. Another Reddit user commented on the post, writing that his wife’s C-section cost them $8,000 in deductible charges with an additional $3,000 on top of that!

How much did your labor and delivery cost? Share your answer in the comments below. —Erica Loop