Despite being so small, Carolyn Soling’s little Rori is already taking on absolutely blissful escapades through her Instagram account “Life with the Little Monster.” Made from household items like cloth, ribbons and toys, every scene is flowing with creativity and love, which is evident in her momma’s heart-warming captions. Each photo, whether the theme is pirates or Paris, is filled with family memories and dreams: it’s the past, present, and future, all rolled up into a can’t-miss vignette.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen 2D baby adventures. Inspired by Mila’s Day Dreams, a creative blog run by a mom who recreates her baby’s nap-dreams, Carolyn crafts each scene with a personalized touch. She talks to her little one with an eagerness to share more experiences together.


The end game with @roridays is to turn a year of these amazing baby adventures into a book. We can’t wait to see it!


Loving this little Italian story and Carolyn’s witty retort.


This gorgeous creation of the Golden Gate Bridge wouldn’t truly be San Francisco without some of the trademark cloud cover.


We have a feeling Rori will be a wizard when it comes to pinball games when she’s older.


This little note about singing Rori to sleep is just too cute. Your mom and dad make a great team, Rori.


First it was BatKid; now it’s BatBaby.

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— Christal Yuen