Jasmine Snow

I'm a Style Expert and mom of 2. With over a decade in the fashion industry, I launched my lifestyle site Jasmine-Snow.com and my own digital style show, The Nap Series.

I believe fashion is an experience. Whether getting dressed in your closet or putting together a beautiful new space in your home, it’s about creating a look that makes you happy and is totally authentic to you and what you love! What’s more fun than that?! My style cred spills into every messy side of life in a ridiculously chic and relatable way. Despite sometimes being covered in purées and having a chaotic-ish new normal, I really believe style works on everyone!

Although parties and nightlife are still on hold this year, that does not mean the glitz and sparkle of the holiday season has to be too! I’m loving casual relaxed sparkle this year, and I promise it’s going to be just as chic as ever other year! When it comes to my babies, I love dressing and shopping for them with what feels most “of the moment” but also is super playful and fun for them to enjoy style too! When it comes to putting it all together, I take a 5 step approach that I like to call The Style Method. I start with a bit of inspiration, pick out a main piece to dress around and then build from there! The goal is to always have fun with it and never take yourself OR your shopping list too seriously! Check out a few of my favorite things that keep my kids entertained and practically style themselves!


Just because you're a baby doesn't mean you can't make messes look chic! I never worry about covering up a cute outfit with a lame bib... this just adds to the whole look! This bib is like a baby version of a cool leather jacket, and is convenient to easily wipe clean after every meal. My favorite gift for new stylish mamas!

The Black Bib

An accessory for babes with places to go and style to be seen!



I loooove a pouch situation in almost every bag, but Stoney Clover takes the cake on making pouches super cool that you never want to hide them in a bag! I keep my life organized by using fun pouches and the patches and personalization make labeling my entire #momlife into something really fun and stylish. The new cozy collection is a favorite, but the choices are endless!

Stoney Clover Lane Cozy Mini Pouch

My entire messy life organized inside a cute cozy pouch!



I am beyond obsessed with this company. It has all the cool black and white minimalist vibes mixed with my love of personalization! Oh... and of course it's good for the kiddos too! There are tons of designs to create your own look that works within your decor. This is the perfect way to actually make all of those toys and other random stuff laying around look cool. It's also a great way to make a nursery pop if you place on a neutral color rug.

Personalized Playmats

Mats for Cool Moms!



I love that this company designs glamorous dress up pieces like these capes and makes them so cool and cute that they actually appropriate for the grocery store runs when your little one insists on dressing in full costume. Each piece feels overly special!

Glitzy Capes

Dress up that looks chic and glamorous!



I'm a big believer that everyone should have a classic striped tee or long sleeve in their closet. Perfect for layering and mixing with sparkles and patterns! Your mini's closet is no exception and how fitting that Kule is making the perfect style for all cool kids out there!

Striped Tee



Wiggle and Whisk Studio is the perfect way to keep your little one entertained in the cozy winter days ahead. With a monthly membership, little bakers from 2-102 are invited to step into the baking studio and following along with a library full of baking tutorials. Founded by a dance teacher each lesson is filled with lots of fun, secret ingredients and epic dance parties while bakers whisk up their own confections!

Wiggle and Whisk Baking Membership

Dance Parties and Cupcakes... I'm in!



I cannot get enough of these fashion forward Uggs for Toddlers! Deciding between graphic black and white or neon was just way too difficult! These have all the classic details you love about cozy Uggs but with a new fashionable twist!

Uggs Classic Clear Mini

Snow boots for the Mini-Malist!



A pair of MaryJane shoes are an absolute must in my book. They're classic, comfortable for little ones and always look polished. My favorite for babies all the way up to toddlers is Elephantito. I treat metallic like a neutral and gold is the perfect pick for a little extra glitzy to an outfit.

Gold Mary Jane Shoes

Ritzy MaryJanes



Movie nights are pretty big in our house (especially these days)! We love getting cozy in our sweats or PJ's and I'm loving this new popcorn sweatshirt to pair with soft joggers to step up our movie party game. Lola and the Boys is always good for a touch of fun and sparkle to any outfit!

Lola and the Boys Sweatshirt

Movie Night's Just Got Stylish!



Cardigans are my go to for keeping my kids warm. I through them on over dance outfits, dressed and even pajamas sometimes! This leopard one from Crewcuts is great to add a pop of graphic animal print to any outfit.

Leopard Cardigan

Keep Warm and Stay Fierce!