They couldn’t read that “E,” and got their eyeglass prescription from the eye doctor. Now, the fun part: choosing glasses! You’re probably already thinking about how much those glasses will cost, but kid’s eyewear doesn’t have to be expensive or even cost more than that pizza delivery! Read on for six reasons why we are loving Zenni, the online store that’ll have them seeing clearly and take the stress out of buying specs!

1. Affordability

Zenni has the highest quality prescription eyewear at way less than traditional retailers. Everything is delivered directly to the consumer without a brick-and-mortar store, and that means savings for you. Get ready for this: a complete prescription pair starts at $6.95, less than your latte. The average pair costs just over $40, which is a huge deal if you've ever walked into an eyeglass store and added it all up.

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2. Selection

Kids are picky—choices help! Zenni has nearly 300 styles for kids, so they are bound to find something they love. Glasses aren't just a necessity, but a fun accessory, and Zenni empowers kids to express themselves and feel good about their glasses!

Zenni offers the largest online selection of affordable eyewear for the whole family. Their choices go way beyond the generic "kid wall" of glasses; they offer cool specs for every personality, made just for kids, from toddlers to teens. Eyewear for every kid!

3. Durability

You want your kid to actually wear their new glasses, so comfort and durability of kid's frames are especially important. Zenni's kid's assortment assures the highest level of comfort and durability, including long-lasting impact-resistant lenses. 

Out of Zenni's impact-resistant lens offerings, Blokz® Trivex® offers the best combination of safety, comfort and optical performance. These lenses are lightweight, impact-resistant and feature Blokz® blue light-blocking technology, which helps protect young eyes from the harmful light from digital screens, artificial light and the sun—meaning they're ready for whatever your kid is up to that day!

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4. New Collections

This summer, Zenni has partnered with premium eyewear designers Coco and Breezy to launch Planet CB, a line of prescription and sunglass eyewear just for pre-teens. These eight stylish frames come with their own affirmation, celebrating uniqueness, individuality and self-expression. Zenni is donating a portion of Planet CB eyewear proceeds to Child Mind Institute's Healthy Brain Network to provide mental health resources to kids in Black communities.

We love that Zenni keeps their kid styles fresh and innovative, with cool new collections yearly. From their Kid's Flexible collection with frames made out of a single piece of soft plastic to their Kids' Style Squad Collection of 15 sophisticated styles made of hand-polished acetate with adjustable temple tips, your kid has tons of options to show their style!

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5. Customization

So cool: Zenni is the only online eyewear company that offers temple engraving with letters and icons. This awesome option starts at $1.95 to add your kid’s name or personalized icons like unicorns, rainbows, favorite sports and more. Now their new glasses will truly be their own and an accessory they can’t wait to wear every day. Bonus points that these shiny new specs will easy to locate if left behind.

6. Shop Online

Does the thought of dragging your kid store-to-store to find their dream pair make you want to scream? We've got you covered: Zenni's kid's collection and all of their eyewear are available exclusively online—and you can test out how they look without even leaving your couch thanks to Virtual Try-On!

Zenni is offering 25% off of Blokz® Trivex®! To get your coupon code, complete this short survey.

—Jamie Aderski


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