What are going to do with your time now that the kids are back in school?

I am going lounge around and eat bon bons all day. Yeah, right. Nope. Not even close.

I would like to answer the question without feeling like I have to say something fabulous or announce my return to the workforce.Being a stay-at-home-mom, for me, doesn’t end when the kids go off to school. I am still a stay-at-home-mom. The job doesn’t go away. The hours change and the job evolves.But, since you asked, let me tell you how I plan on spending all of my free time.

I’m going to pack healthy lunches, 20 of them a week. I’m going to plan and make a real breakfast in the morning for my family. Then, clean it up.My time will be spent staying on top of my kid’s academic, athletic and social schedules. I’ll know if it’s purple or yellow day or PE day. I will volunteer at my child’s school.You’ll find me at PTO meetings, class parties and parent-teacher meetings.

I will run errands, pick up dry cleaning; meet the plumber and research water heaters. I’ll be home when it is time for that termite inspection and I’ll handle it.I will exercise and keep myself healthy. I’ll pick up the house, make the beds, walk the dog, prepare a grocery list, figure out meals, plan and make and (try to) stick to a budget.

My time will be spent organizing pictures and getting them off of my phone; I’ll organize clothes and toys and donate loads to charity.I may stay home with a sick child once in a while and watch movies and blow noses and cuddle. I will be available to help out a friend in need.I’ll definitely do laundry. Then I’ll put that laundry away. I’ll check the mail and pay the bills.

Somewhere in the 6 hours without children, I will make myself lunch, do the dishes, put them away write an article like this.Maybe I will call an old friend and buy a birthday gift for the party my 5 year old is invited to this weekend.I’ll take a shower and blow-dry my hair. Maybe not.

I will wonder how time flies so quickly without my kids.I will do pick-up and drop-off. When all my chicks are back in the nest, I will listen to them tell me about their day and I will get going on snack time and dinner.

I’ll be organizing book bags, signing behavior charts; helping with homework, finishing dinner and getting ready to go whatever activity we have that evening.I’ll spend time making sure my kids have their homework complete and packed in the correct folders. I’ll truck everyone to and from their after-school activities and I will bring the snacks.

If we don’t have sports or an activity after school I’ll be supervising bike riding, crafts or breaking up fights between my boys. I’ll be zipping up costumes; cutting fingernails, playing hide and seek and answering emails in between baths and pjs.

Eventually I will sit down with my husband, and enjoy a glass of wine or two.I wont get a pat on the back or a paycheck at the end of the day. But I will have the satisfication of doing my job well.  Rock on mamas no matter how or when you do it, just keep doing it your way.

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