As a mom you’ve probably watched a Disney movie or twenty and you’ve no doubt noticed the curious pattern among the films’ main characters. Almost every Disney classic, old and modern, features a character who lacks a mother in the picture. Two moms think they’ve come up with the perfect answer why, and it’s spot on.

From Snow White to Nemo, moms can be hard to come by when you reside in the magical world of Disney. According to Kristen Hensley and Jen Smedley, the hilarious ladies of I Mom So Hard, there’s a very good reason why so many Disney moms are MIA. In their latest video “I Princess So Hard” the pair shared their excellent theory on those missing moms, which is that if moms existed, there would be no story. “I thought the moms died just because moms complicated the story,” says Smedley. “Seriously, like if a mom comes into a story that’s 90 minutes long, she’s going to clean that sucker up and it’s going to be over in 7 minutes.”

Using Frozen as a great example, the ladies explain that if Elsa and Anna’s mom hadn’t taken off on that fateful sea journey, she wouldn’t have put up with her daughter’s antics for long. “Elsa, you get out of that room, you’re gonna have to deal with it,” is what she would have said according to Hensley and Smedley. “Life is hard. Put on your gloves. Everyone’s got something. Suck it up! Don’t touch your sister! Now get out here and go to soccer practice.”

If moms were in the picture, life would be a little less complex for these characters, but they might not be as entertaining for viewers. However, it’s definitely refreshing to see Disney representing moms a little more realistically in recent movies, like Inside Out and Moana.

How would you handle a princess on the run or an adventurous young clownfish? Share your thoughts in the comments below.