Who said that living life Jewishly was a difficult task? Well, let’s say you’re on vacation with your family, or you’ve just moved to a new community and you have no idea where the supermarket is, let alone where to find your nearest JCC. And if you’re on vacation, not knowing where to eat, play, or hang out can quickly turn holiday to headache when your kids start to get impatient. Well say goodbye to that stress because with OOGIAH, you have access to a list of local Jewish resources wherever you go.


From synagogues to schools, fun activities and Kosher food, OOGIAH gathers up local Jewish finds in your community and organizes them specifically for families. Now, Jewish families across the country will know exactly where the local JCC or Judaica shops are located, even before they’ve finished unpacking their moving boxes.

Started by Red Tricycle’s own Rachel Teichmann, OOGIAH combines Rachel’s love for baking (“oogiah” means “cookie” in Hebrew) with the Jewish finds she discovers on her travels. Currently, OOGIAH is in 6 major cities across the country, with plans to roll out at least two dozen more in the near future.

Planning a family vacation? Use OOGIAH’s calendar feature to quickly check if you’ll be abroad for any major Jewish holidays. You can then participate in the Elijah’s Table program, where local families will host others who need a spot to celebrate Shabbat or another Jewish festive occasion!

Bookmark OOGIAH today and enjoy life Jewishly, wherever your travels take you.