photo: Pixabay

Is knitting your thing? Do you spend Saturday nights (after the kids go to bed, of course) crocheting? Well, the American Heart Association wants you to keep on creating — for a good cause. The American Heart Association, in connection with The Children’s Heart Foundation, has big plans to celebrate American Heart Month. Even though the month of heart-related awareness activities isn’t until February, both organizations are asking for support right now through their Little Hats, Big Hands program.

So what is the Little Hats, Big Hearts program? It’s an initiative that honors babies and moms while providing awareness of heart health. The organizations are asking for helpers to knit and crochet red infant hats. These will be given to thousands of babies across the country.

The goal is to empower mothers to make heart-healthy lifestyle choices (for themselves and their children) and to use the hats as reminders of why this is so very important.

Why are the organizers of the Little Hats, Big Hearts asking for donations now? Even though the hats won’t be distributed until February, they need knitters and those with crochet talents to start creating right now. Starting now helps to ensure that there will be enough hats by American Heart Month.

If you’re not into knitting and have no clue how to crochet you can still help. The American Heart Association is also taking yarn donations. You can visit the American Heart Association’s website for more information on participation.

Do you plan to participate in this program this year? Tell us in the comments below.