Modern farm and barnyard kindie rock songs for kids

Farm animals haven’t changed one lick since we were children decades ago: there are still goats, chickens, cows, pigs and the rest of Old MacDonald’s lot, but the family music being written about these barnyard creatures has, thankfully, come a very, very long way. No longer are folkie call and response songs your only choice when your kiddo wants to sing-along with a tune about froggies, ponies, or turkeys.

To showcase just how much kid’s music has evolved inside and out of the barn recently, we’ve assembled a 12-song kindie rock Spotify playlist of modern animals songs, from some of the best kindie rock bands around today including Recess Monkey, The Not-Its, The Okee Dokee Brothers, and Caspar Babypants, for you and little piggies to dance to together.

Enjoy your sanitizer-free trip the modern kindie barnyard!

What other songs should we add? Did we miss any?

— Jeff Bogle