Take a classic form of entertainment, throw in a little technology and what do you get? Podcasts!  Built like radio shows of days past, but streamlined for modern listeners, there’s a genre for everyone at home. Whether you need to stock your arsenal for a long road trip, shake up your daily commute, or want to simply sit back and lend an ear, read on to discover 15 awesome family podcasts.

For Everyone


Eleanor Amplified
Join world-famous radio reporter Eleanor Amplified on the trail of crafty villains, and help her foil their plans for world domination! In pursuit of The Big Story, you’ll follow Eleanor over the sea, across the land, into orbit and even in the halls of Congress. Created by a producer of Fresh Air at WHYY in Philadelphia, spunky protagonist Eleanor represents the best of journalism: the importance of access to information, being inclusive of different points of view, telling the truth and much more! Enjoyable for the whole family, okay for kids of all ages, and especially recommended for kids ages 8 -12.

Find out more: whhy.org/cms/eleanoramplified

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM, SoundCloud, and Stitcher, free.


Short & Curly
You know those questions kids ask that make your brain hurt? Short & Curly will have an answer. This fun, fast-paced podcast is made just for kids and their parents and tackles the hard-to-answer ethical questions families face today. Topics include: Do you have to love your sibling?, Is it ever okay to fight back against a bully?, Should you move to Mars?. Serious as these topics may be, each one is approached in a light-hearted manner thanks to the silly antics of Molly, Carl and Dr. Matt Beard.

Find out more: abc.net.au/shortandcurly

Available at iTunesSoundCloud, free.


The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel
What makes The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel unique is that it is, unlike many other family-centric podcasts, performed by actual kids. Listen along as 11-year-old Mars and his pals, JP, Toothpick and Caddie set out on an amazing adventure in search of two missing friends. They’ll meet mysterious tech billionaire Oliver Pruitt, search the earth and maybe even head for the stars during their journey. A little bit Goonies, a dash of Spy Kids, combined with a hint of Stranger Things, this brand-new podcast is ideal for kids ages 8 – 12.

Find out more: blobfishradio.com/theunexplainabledisappearanceofmarspatel

Available at iTunes, Stitcher, free.


Brains On!
Curious kids of all ages will love Brains On!. A science podcast that tackles all kinds of topics (what’s behind waves and tides?, big universe, big questions, mosquitos, what are they good for?), each week takes listeners on a scientific journey that may include chatting with a snake handler, writing songs about sleep, or even talking to a food scientist. With a different kid co-host each week, Brains On! is engaging even for younger listeners. Tune in and turn your brains on!

Find out more: brainson.org

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM, SoundCloud, free.

The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids Podcast
The Sugarcrash Kids make songs and stories for the imaginative family. In each episode of this family-friendly podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews with imaginary characters (pirates, robots, dinosaurs), interviews with real kids, awesome storytelling, a little education, and a new Sugarcrash Kid song!

Find out more: sugarcrashkids.com/podcast

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM, free.

For Moms


One Bad Mother
No mom is perfect, and that’s okay. Join hosts Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn as they navigate through the uncharted waters of motherhood, or as they beautifully state, “as we deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging and more laughing.” If you are looking for a podcast on parenting advice, this isn’t it. This is the one you’ll need after the third feeding of the night, after the tantrums, or after missing the PTA meeting.

Find out more: maximumfun.org/one-bad-mother

Available at iTunes, PlayerFMPodbay.fm, free.


Tough Girl
We all need to toughen up once in awhile: Tough Girl is all about motivating YOU. Listen as host Sarah Williams chats with inspiring women from all over the world, learns about their challenges and successes, and provides women in any stage of life with the ammo to get out there and get it done. In these modern times of dubious role models, moms will embrace (and let older daughters listen to) the guest list, which includes marathon runners, mountain climbers, environmentalists, world record holders and more.

Find out more: toughgirlchallenges.com

Available at iTunes, PlayerFMSoundCloud and Stitcher, free.


Motivating Mom
If you need a boost to get back into the groove, Motivating Mom is a great place to start. Each episode—with an expert co-host at the helm—offers tips on living a healthy, engaging, fulfilled life. So whether you’re looking for ways to jumpstart your diet, organize your finances, or be your own mom boss, Motivating Mom has the answer.

Find out more: fit4mom.com/latest/motivating-mom-podcast

Available at iTunes, PlayerFM, free.


The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
If you’re a mom who needs a little time to herself (aren’t we all?), make Happy Hour a regular thing. Join Jamie and her girlfriends for a chat on anything and everything that has to do with womanhood. Topics include marriage, faith, kids, books, joy, justice and everything else under the sun. Replenishing your soul tank has never been easier, so grab a cup of coffee and lend an ear!

Find out more: jamieivey.com/category/podcast

Available at iTunes, PlayerFM, free.

For Dads


Turning this Car Around
Made by dads, for dads, the insanely popular Turning this Car Around gives the Big Guy a place to get all the answers (and questions that have even been asked yet!) that come with parenthood. Join hosts Lex Friedman, John Moltz and Jon Armstrong for show topic that range from hilarious to heartwarming (Elmo Ate Daddy, Free Range Parenting, Dad Guilt), as they navigate their own lives as parents and take listeners along for the ride.

Find out more: turningthiscararound.com

Available on iTunes, PlayerFMSoundCloud, and Stitcher, free.


The Good Dad Project Podcast
What started as an online community of Dads is now a podcast and it’s worth a listen. Founded by a dad who, like many other dads out there, wants to be the best person he can be so he can raise the best kids he can (wait, there’s no map to this thing called parenting?), The Good Dad Project aims to help listeners do exactly that. Each week tackles a tough subject—single parenting, money issues, connecting with a partner—the important stuff that sometimes gets swept under the rug while we deal with the daily grind.

Find out more: gooddadproject.com/podcast

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM, Stitcher, free. 


The Black Dad Podcast
Not just the voice of African American men, but also the voice of two new dads, just trying to figure it all out—with a smile! A refreshing perspective from hosts Jamal Press and Murphy; topics range from light hearted (Check out our mixtape, Bruh!) to serious (Fight the Power). You’ll hear it all: from the size of Peyton Manning’s neck, how to perfect the “baby hand-off,” and why role play could possible be a marriage-saving tactic!

Find out more: blackdadlife.com/blackdadpodcast

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM, SoundCloud, Stitcher, free.

For Parents


Your Mom’s House
Once the kids are down and out for the night, sit back, relax with your spouse and join the mommies (married couple and comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky) for a good laugh. Ranging from hilarious to slightly gross (potty humor, lots of it), you’ll find yourself wanting to understand the inside jokes, and looking forward to hearing about what’s going on with the mommies each week. There’s over 300 episodes, so get ready for serious binge listening!  

Find out moreyourmomshousepodcast.com

Available at iTunes, PlayerFM, SoundCloud, free.


The Mamalode Podcast
Sometimes, a parent wants to hear about it what means to be mom and dad from a thoughtful, engaging perspective. Enter Mamaload, a brand-new podcast from the print and online literary magazine of the same name. Listen to authors and Mamalode writers read excerpts from new books or stories, and enjoy adult conversation on the art of parenthood.

Find out more: mamalode.com/categories/podcasts

Available at iTunes, SoundCloud, free.


Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled
Readers (Janet has a blog, too) and listeners take the reins in this thoughtful, provoking podcast hosted by parenting adviser Janet Lansbury. Each episode tackles a problem from readers, takes a peek at parenthood from Janet’s perspective, and helps parents learn how to nurture and grow relationships built out of love, respect and trust. Expect to see topics like toddler toy battles, alternatives to time outs and the power of NO.

Find out more: janetlansbury.com/podcasts

Available at iTunes, PlayerFM, SoundCloud, free.

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—Gabby Cullen