Air travel with kids can be challenging. Let’s face it, sometimes it just plain sucks. But choosing the right airline can make all the difference when it comes to making flying a little less painful. That’s why you’ll want to book your next flight onboard the comfiest carrier in the skies and the most comfortable airline is JetBlue.

JetBlue Airways

According to a new report by WalletHub, JetBlue, which it ranks 8th overall among the top 11 best airlines, is the most comfortable domestic airline. Thanks to several free amenities, like Wi-Fi (hello Netflix!), snacks and drinks and extra legroom —because you know the kids will take up every inch they can get.

Alaska Airlines

Taking home the prize for best airline overall is Alaska Airlines. Free movies and TV shows, free snacks and drinks (plus awesome eats for purchase) and an outlet at every seat so that critical iPad will never run out of juice. Oh and did we mention the local craft beers and wine selection that will keep Mom and Dad happy? Yup. Awesome.

Spirit Airlines

Traveling with kids is not only stressful, it’s also expensive. Which is why we love Spirit’s low, low costs and so does WalletHub who named the carrier cheapest airline and ranked it 11th overall.

Delta Air Lines

They love to fly and it show’s because Delta was awarded the Most Reliable Airline, as in the most on-time departures. That’s a win when you’re traveling with impatient, pint-sized companions. The airline was ranked second overall by WalletHub.

Hawaiian Airlines

By sheer definition this airline rocks because of where you end up when you land. Hawaiian music, floral uniforms, and free Kona coffee all make for an island experience in the sky. According to WalletHub, who ranked the airline third overall, it’s also the Best Carrier for Pets, which is good news for your fur babies.

Southwest Airlines

Coming in at 9th overall, Southwest was named the Least Complained About Airline, which might not have the best ring to it, but these days it’s a pretty big compliment. Southwest is also a low-cost carrier and one of the few left that doesn’t charge extra fees for up to two bags, which is key when you’re lugging all that baby gear.

WalletHub’s rankings were based on a 13-part metric system that included categories like Wi-Fi availability, Complimentary Refreshments, Complaints and Price. For more on the airlines ranked check out the report here.

What’s your go-to airline when traveling with kids? Tell us why in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: JetBlue


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