On the hunt for a new workout routine that’ll whip your bod into shape STAT— preferably something that you can do before or after kiddo’s school drop-offs? You’re in luck! We rounded up some of the hottest new workout trends. Scroll down to find one to try in the new year. inline skating mom

photo: Baburek via Flickr

The Trend: Inline Skating
Thinking leggings, big hair, and knee pads? Think again. Inline skating is being dubbed as one of the best “new” workouts for the injury prone, as it comes with very low impact on knees and joints. Inline skating also targets classic problem areas (read: lower body and abs), so dust off those old rollerblades and hit the streets

Give it a try: Visit rollerblade.com for pro-level tips and tricks.obstacle-course

photo: Tough Mudder

The Trend: Obstacle Courses/Tough Mudder
Tough Mudder, the 10-12 mile obstacle course challenge designed to test physical strength, mental grit, teamwork and camaraderie, has grown by nearly 44,000% (yes, really!) since 2010 and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. While Tough Mudder events are no walk in the park, non-athletes train on smaller scale courses year-round so that they’re ready for the big event.

Give it a try: Recruit some of your best buds to sign up, train and race in the nearest Tough Mudder event nearest you.trx-gym

photo: Ranch Fitness Spa via Flickr

The Trend: TRX
If you’ve hit up the gym lately you may have noticed yellow and black straps hanging from the ceiling. You’ve likely also wondered what the heck you were supposed to do with them. Developed by Navy SEALS, the TRX Suspension Trainer uses gravity and your own bodyweight to create resistance and strengthen from head-to-toe (with an emphasis on your core). The best part is that you can attach the straps anywhere—onto a door or around a tree—making them a great way to break a sweat at home.

Give it a try: Gyms across the country offer the straps as part of their weight lifting program (find one here). If the gym isn’t your scene, you can also purchase a set to use at home.

Afro Cuban 930

photo: Alvin Ailey

The Trend: Global-Inspired Fitness
With little ones in tow it’s hard to globe-trot around the world. But thanks to this fitness trend you can explore different cultures through a group workout. Tai Chi, an Asian-inspired regimen that requires no equipment and little space is a perfect alternative to some yoga practices; it’s a low-impact slow-motion exercise that boosts muscle strength, flexibility and balance. If you need something a little more high energy try Afro Cuban dance— a strength-building aerobic workout set to live drumming that’s gaining serious momentum stateside.

Give it a try: True Tai Chi in Washington, D.C. for parent-friendly Tai Chi; Alvin Ailey Fitness Studio in New York City for Afro-Cuban dance.


photo: Travis Wise via Flickr

The Trend: HIIT
Although High Intensity Interval Training is not new, expect to see more trainers and classes incorporating the technique. HIIT allows you bigger results in less time than traditional cardio training, while improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness, reducing blood pressure, and burning 15% more calories than a traditional cardio workout of the same length. A HIIT workout alternates crazy, all out effort with low-key effort in intervals.

Give it a try: Most gyms across the country offer a HIIT-principled class. If you workout at home check out online HIIT workouts at The Daily Burn.


photo: Throwback Fitness

The Trend: Throwback Fitness
Remember when your favorite class in school was P.E.? Relive the fun at this gym that features team-based workouts that are sure to take you back to gym class courtesy of warm-ups set to Britney tunes and exercises inspired by dodgeball and capture the flag. Just like the good old days, each session pits small teams against each other in a little bit of friendly competition.

Give it a try: While the only known Throwback Fitness gym is in New York City, we’re willing to bet that this workout trend will soon spread like wildfire.


photo: Breathe Easy

The Trend: Salt Yoga
There’s no denying that doing yoga on the beach (preferably while on vacation) is supremely relaxing. So it’s no wonder that some fitness studios are trying to replicate that feeling via indoor salt rooms and a treatment called halotherapy. While yogis practice their ashtangas, a dry salt vapor is pumped into the air, said to help open passageways for even deeper breath.

Give it a try: Feeling salty? Check out halotherapy at Breathe Easy in New York City or at Salt Mine Arium in Seattle.

What other fitness trends should we get hip to? Tell us in the Comments section below.  

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady