Babies use their cry to communicate–“diaper change, please”…”I’m starving, Marvin!”…”Let’s play!” But if your bundle of joy has a set of lungs that rivals those of Mariah Carey (read: glass shattering pitch and wake-the-neighbors-four-doors-down loud), you probably wish bambino was a little more subtle with his or her questions/comments/concerns. Enter CryQuiet, a new device that uses industrial grade noise control technology to reduce the acoustics of your baby’s cry.

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How it works:
CryQuiet is a noise control accessory that is worn around your baby’s neck like a collar. Made out of baby safe silicone and adjustable for a comfortable fit, the collar is infused with nano-size silencers. Typically, when a baby cries, the sound travels (the louder the wail, the further it travels). But when your little one wears the CryQuiet collar, the sound is instantly diffused. By the time the cry hits your ears, it sounds like a mere whisper. To see the device in action, check out this blogger video. Prepare to be amazed!

How to get it:
CryQuiet is currently being sold in the U.K., but it is slated to make its way to this side of the pond by late spring. Sign up now to be notified as soon as the first shipment of CryQuiets hits store shelves.

Cost: $200 (estimated)

Click here to learn more and then leave a comment below to tell us: would you use this new collar-like device?

— Ayren Jackson-Cannady