Most expectant parents look forward to the 18-20 week mark when their doc can finally reveal the sex of the baby. But, a new law that will be enforced beginning October 1, 2014 will drastically change the way parents find out the gender of their baby by prohibiting hospitals from identifying the sex of a child prior to birth.

The Scoop:
The new federal law, entitled Baby Privacy clause Article VIII Section 25, prohibits doctors and hospitals from revealing the sex prior to birth, which will serve to protect the privacy of your baby. The law passed by unanimous consent on the senate floor last Friday.

Good to Know:
A petition with over 5,000 signatures is circulating to overturn this new law. Click here to sign if you still would like to join the cause.

Learn more about Baby Privacy clause by clicking here.

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photo credit: Kristinausk via creative commons flickr