What’s shaped  and sized like a can of soda, but filled with the healthy drink of your choice? Beatrix New York’s brilliantly adorable new Cozy Cans. These cute little beverage containers aren’t your average sippy cup and they just might curb those cries for the fizzy stuff. Here’s why.

cozy cans

A New Kind of Straw Cup

Combine a stainless steel water bottle, straw cup and soda can and you’ve got a Cozy Can. While they look like one of the cutest soda cans we’ve ever seen – and they’re just as fun to drink out of we might add – they’re really a refillable, eco-friendly straw cup made from food grade stainless steel.

You can’t pop the tab like a can of Coca-Cola, but you can pop off (or screw off) the top, which is brilliantly equipped with a built-in straw making them spill proof for on-the-go use. What goes inside is you and your child’s choice. Fill it with your homemade Soda Stream creations, juice, water, a smoothie or even hot cocoa. This cup is insulated too – keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. And of course, they’re BPA- and phthalate-free, natch!


Select Your Sipper

Let your kid take his pick from five cool can designs: ladybug, rocket, owl, ocean animals and dinosaurs. Each one has a clever soda-style name too from Bubbly Bug to Ocean Potion. Another fun aspect is that the characters featured on Cozy Cans are the same ones that appear on Beatrix New York’s other products. So if you need a lunch bag or backpack to go with your travel cup, you can create a coordinating set.

Order your kid a Beatrix New York Cozy Can online at beatrixny.com for $22.50.

Do you think your kid would love one of these clever new cups? Let us know in the Comments!

–Julie Seguss