Are you trying to capture every fun expression on your mini me’s face? Maybe there’s even a picture in their baby book, along with a picture of their first car ride, first visit to Grandma’s, first stroller excursion … you could go on and on. And you can, now that there’s The Next 1000 Days. This modern, interactive journal picks up where usual baby books leave off (right around the two-year mark), giving you plenty of space to record new memories, doodles and photos all the way until they’re six years old — so you never miss a beat.


Preserving Memories in Style
The Next 1000 Days uses minimalistic paper cutout illustrations that feel more like decorations than a strict guide. Nikki McClure, an acclaimed children’s book illustrator, carefully filled this journal with timeless storybook graphics of children playing amongst nature, interacting with mom and dad, while leaving plenty of space for your entries.

Within these 128 pages, memories are categorized both thematically and chronologically. Fill out all the books your youngster loves without flipping a page. When you and your kiddos look back, you’ll be able to see all the growth without having to searching the journal back to front to find the total number of birthday parties, nature walks or cities they’ve been to.


Write And Draw Along
The best part of this journal is all the white space and the short prompts that leave plenty of room for kids to draw their self portrait (even if they can barely hold a pencil!). Let them doodle a happy face while parents write details of their first wagon ride or big-kid word. McClure’s illustrations never appear in places your kids can add their own art, which encourages them to develop their own style.


Your new addition might just be a few months old and you’ve barely scratched the surface of their first memory book. Or maybe you have a tiny tot with a calendar of events and new experiences to come. Either way, they’ll be sprouting past this year and on their way to next in a blink of an eye! So store those moments for recollection with this easy bind.

The Next 1000 Days is available at Sasquatch Books; $15.95.

What kind of memory books have you kept of your little ones? Let us know in the Comments below! 

— Christal Yuen