Staying cool in the summer heat isn’t easy, especially when you’re stuck in the backseat. The Noggle brings the cool air from the front to the kids in the back, making car rides much more comfortable for everyone.

No matter where you sit in the car it can be hard to stay cool on a hot summer day, but when you’re in a car seat (especially a rear-facing car seat) it can be downright impossible to get any air flow even when the AC is cranked all the way up. The Noggle was designed to keep the air moving towards the tots in those rear facing seats.

Available in six, eight and ten-foot sizes, this simple tube attaches to an AC vent in the front of the car and helps push air to the back where it’s needed. The end of the tube can be positioned using velcro straps so that the cool air hits the right spot. Once the heat dies down, The Noggle can still come in handy to keep kids snuggly and warm on a cold day by using the same mechanism to push warm air to the back seat.

The Noggle is available on Amazon starting at $42 in a variety of lengths and colors.

—Shahrzad Warkentin


All photos: Courtesy of Amazon



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