Now you don’t need to work for Michael Scott in order to receive a Dundie Award. You know you definitely deserve one for parenting (and homeschooling) your kids through the pandemic. Target is selling these fun replicas so grab one for yourself and a few for your friends. 

Dundie Award


If you are not a fan of The Office, a Dundie is an award given to each of the employees of Dunder Mifflin at a yearly ceremony. The categories are  always hilarious and slightly inappropriate. 

With a Dundie you can congratulate your friends or co-workers on a job well done. Although it may be nice to receive the “Jim Halpert Award” or the “Whitest Sneakers Award.” Really, there’s a Dundie for everything! 

The Dundie replica stands 8 inches tall and is a fun collectible for any Office fan. There are actually two varieties available on the Target website. The only difference is that one has 3 interchangeable award plates where the other has six. 

These award replicas retail for 19.99 and $25.99.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Target


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