At times it seems as though my parenting mode is simply “survival mode.” I start off running but by the afternoon my productivity starts slipping. I am ready to throw in the towel on everything, but then, backup arrives. As my husband rounds the drive I am eager to change roles from zone to man on man.

I fill my husband in on what has happened during the day, the witching hour shenanigans, the status of who has eaten what, who still has homework and all those necessary parenting details.Then—and here is the key moment to my productivity—I sneak away for a moment of silence and clarity; I reboot and gear up for round two.

The reboot keeps me productive and my husband facilitates that.

Without the reboot my husband and I can quickly become two ships passing in the night. Our interaction and parenting may become just a changing of the guards, a shift change. You do your job, I’ll do mine. But, to keep us from drifting at sea, we work as a team and recognize what our teammates need to be successful.

So, we tag team. He starts his parenting routine of baths and stories and I break into my routine of packing lunches and picking up. We stay organized and productive because we are a team. It is like a little dance. Though we have different tasks, we remain on the same team.  Because, are working towards a common goal together.

We’re the most productive parents when we are on the same parenting page. Our productivity peaks when we have each other’s back, when we’re not blaming each other; it’s at its best when we lean on each other. We are most productive when there’s no tit for tat and when we remember the strength of teamwork.

Being on the same team means our eyes are on the same prize: happy, healthy and sleeping children by 8 p.m. We work succinctly, side-by-side, a power couple turned productive parents. And boom, the prize is time together, a sense of accomplishment together, a love for our family and the common goal of raising good boys.

It’s not always puppies and rainbows but when we work together, we win together. That’s how we do it, that’s how we survive, that’s how we thrive and that’s how we remain productive. I could not be as productive a parent without my partner, my backup and teammate.

Featured Photo Courtesy: skeeze/Pixabay