ivivva, inspired by active girls and created by lululemon, is opening a brand new Palo Alto location in the Stanford Shopping Center! It’s the perfect place for you and the active girl(s) in your life to stock up on great gear designed just for them in sizes 6-14. Also, ivivva stores are community spaces that quickly transform with moveable fixtures to host complimentary events like dance, yoga, run clinics, and a variety of athletic classes so she can try new activities, make new connections, and have fun! To celebrate the new shop, ivivva will be hosting a 3-day grand opening celebration starting December 16th, packed with fun experiences that connect girls in the community. The full schedule for the grand opening celebration is as follows: Grand Opening Bash Date: Friday, December 16th Time: 10am – 9pm Details: Join us for a Mom Appreciation morning from 10am – 2pm with coffee and $20 gift card with purchase. There will be SoulCycle, Aveda, and Lush demos with a DJ spinning tunes all day and a Girl Crew performance at 4pm. Holiday Crafting and Braid Bar Date: Saturday, December 17th Time: 10am – 4pm Details: Craft your snowflakes for our holiday tree and party on with a DJ, hair braiding and dance the day away! Sunday Sweat and Tree Planting Date: Sunday, December 18th Time: 10am – 6pm Details: The fun continues with complimentary Sunday Sweat class from 10am – 11am, DJ playing top tunes and our “plant your tree of life” stations, allowing girls to plant seeds to symbolize their strongest characteristics. ivivva Stanford Shopping Center is located at 660 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304.

photo: ivivva

If you could help your daughter be more successful in life by changing just one thing, would you do it? If you nodded yes, then you’ll want to stop everything and immediately watch the TED Talk below to learn more about the one dangerous habit that can have a major impact on a girl’s life. Keep reading to learn more.

No, it’s not sex, drugs, or even good old rock and roll. It’s something much more seemingly innocuous: worrying about your appearance. Every woman is guilty of fretting over her looks at least occasionally, but according to self-esteem expert Meaghan Ramsey, it can have some serious consequences. In the video below of Ramsey’s TED Talk, she lists some scary stats as examples, like 60 percent of girls choose not to participate in activities because they feel their looks don’t measure up and 20 percent skip school if they are feeling unattractive. Let that sink in for a moment.

Girls with low self-esteem are less likely to eat well or get enough exercise. They are also more likely to develop an eating disorder and suffer from depression, Ramsey explains. So what can parents do to help? Building self-esteem can be a tricky feat, even as an adult, so helping young girls gain confidence is definitely no easy task. Luckily, Ramsey does offer some real, actionable advice.

The first step is opening up a dialogue. Not only should you talk to your daughter about her body image, but you should make sure she has positive interactions with friends, family members, and other people she looks up to, about it. It’s also important to talk about how bodies are portrayed in the media and make sure she understands the unrealistic images. In other words, those flawless looks are more of a fairytale than your bedtime stories.

Learning how to handle bullying and competitive behavior over looks is also vital. As is avoiding fat talk. Last, but not least girls need to learn to love their own bodies and appreciate themselves for who they are. A tall order in today’s world for sure, but not impossible. The best way, Ramsey explains, is by setting a good example with your own eating and health habits and taking some time to love and respect yourself.

Does this make you nervous? Tell us how you’re handling it in the comments.